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Tapestry Life Resources specializes in resources to enhance the well-being of body, mind, and heart.

Tapestry Life Resources is the business name for Suzanne H. Eller, LMBT #7619. The company began several years ago, before I got my massage license. Then, as now, I work as a retreat and workshop leader, an Enneagram teacher, a Reiki practitioner, and a life coach.

I am also a retired high school teacher. I taught English and still love a good story. I also taught Exceptional Children and Gifted and Talented in both elementary and high schools. Education is still a passion for me. I strongly believe in the public schools and the role they play in keeping democracy safe and human creativity alive.

Being a massage and bodywork therapist is my second career, and I love it! I graduated from the Whole You School of Bodywork and Massage in 2007, and I work as an independent contractor at Body Balance II in Hickory, NC. It’s amazing work that keeps me present and focused and yet allows me to interact through my sense of touch with the miracle that is the human being. It is very different from teaching, but I still get to learn something new every day and help people in the process. Like my students, though, my clients often seem to give me more than I give them.

I am interested in all forms of complementary healing, including massage, craniosacral therapy, Reiki and energy healing, oriental modalities, massage cupping, myofascial release, and applied kinesiology.

I believe that we have three “brains”– physical or body, emotional or heart, and mental or head. We have to take care of all of these in order to have a healthy spiritual life, and each informs the other two. This belief forms the foundation for my work as a bodywork therapist, as a coach, and as a retreat leader.

I also believe that all our emotions are necessary. Sometimes emotions are repressed or over expressed. Sometimes they make us ill. Likewise, our thoughts can cause us illness or pain. It is all connected. Working with the body is a way to balance the emotions and mind without bringing it all to the surface. Stress and tension go away, and we can deal with other parts of our lives with more confidence.

Personally, my interests include reading, writing, meditation, yoga, the Enneagram, the Diamond Approach and most recently, genealogy. I have an adopted dog named Pearl, and I am blessed with wonderful family and friends. In so many ways, I have all that I want.

Love and light,

Suzanne Eller

Tapestry Life Resources, 828-315-9900

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