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Massage when Money Is Tight

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Stress can wreak havoc on the body. Massage can help relieve stressors and initiate the parasympathetic "rest and digest" response. Image by Renjith Krishnan at To see Renjith's portfolio, click the link at the end of the post.

If the economic downturn and summer vacation expenses have got you thinking that you need to cut back on spending, you are not alone. But if you’re thinking, “Massages are a luxury that I can easily forego,” think again. Massages are an investment in your health.

The recent discussion in Congress about the drain on our country’s resources by healthcare costs has made us aware that poor health is expensive. Besides lost workdays, the costs of visits to the doctor and medications can mount up even if you are insured.

That’s not even putting a value on the time you spend in waiting room or on the quality of life lost when you are debilitated by pain and disease.

Receiving massage from a capable, qualified massage therapist can relieve pain and greatly improve your physical and emotional health.

Therapeutic massage:

  • Increases circulation thereby benefiting the organs and muscles on a cellular level by increasing their oxygen and nutrient supply;
  • Stimulates the lymphatics thus supporting the body’s natural immune response;
  • Flushes toxins from the tissues;
  • Stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, improving the “rest and digest” response (and calming “fight or flight”);
  • Loosens adhesions in the fascia and tissues;
  • Relieves chronic pain;
  • Provides “safe touch” for people who don’t otherwise receive tactile contact (touch helps reduce stress);
  • Relieves anxiety and emotional stressors;
  • Releases endorphins to promote feelings of well-being and reduce depression.

Wow! With all the benefits of massage, it looks like Congress would add that the the healthcare package!

The fact is we are living in the greatest economic downturn since the Great Depression. And besides the financial stressors and threats of job loss, we are coping with the ordinary demands that plague us anytime, such as the demands of families, friendships, loss, transitions, illness, pain, and similar circumstances.

Massage can help you deal with these stressors and can help you maximize the return on your other self-care measures.

Regular massages are a sound investments. Pain and stress are expensive. Getting a massage is an investment in your future health.

Image: renjith krishnan /

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  3. When I can’t afford a massage I use the Hitachi Magic Wand Massager on my neck. Not sure if it’s scientifically proven to help but it seems to soothe. They cost about $70 at Walmart


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