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Marketing during a slow week

The past week has been slow in terms of new clients. Repeat business is okay, but I found myself with time on my hands. I spent the extra time on marketing myself to a new audience.

One of the beauties of CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is its effectiveness for such problems as migraines and temporo-mandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction. So when I found myself with a day without clients, I used it to compose a letter to area dentists explaining my TMJ dysfunction protocol.

I combine CST with neuromuscular massage, Reiki/Polarity, acupressure and post-isometric relaxation techniques. The result is a very effective protocol for TMJ dysfunction, but I realized that just waiting for a client with this problem to show up is not the best way to let the community know how really effective massage and bodywork can be for this malady.

That’s what made me decide to write the letters. I used the mail merge function on MSWord, and now all I need to do is stuff the envelopes and buy the stamps. I have an article from the Upledger Institute that I’m going to send as well.

As a postscript, I also used the CST mouthwork on myself. My allergies have been bad this last week. I suppose I slept with my mouth open because I woke up one morning with my TMJ hurting. By the next day, I had a headache that was fast turning into a migraine.

I used tennis balls under the occiput to induce a stillpoint, and then did the cranial vault holds as best I could on myself. Then I went to the mouthwork. This morning I can breathe and my headache is just a memory.

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