Massage & Bodywork

Giving a 4-handed massage

At our office at Hickory Massage Therapy, Julie and I gave a 4-handed massage today. That’s when both she and I work on a client together, so that the client gets a 60 minute massage in 30 minutes.

This client had some low back pain as a result of an old injury. After we did the client interview, we consulted with each other and decided that she would work on the upper body and I the lower body.

We had to be aware of each other’s position so we wouldn’t get in each other’s way. I found it interesting to watch how she does things a little differently from the way I do them and to actually see things that I’ve felt when she works on me.

I was also aware that with both of us working, the client wasn’t as focused on his pain. Pleasure receptors override pain receptors.

At the end of the massge, we changed positions. She worked the client’s gluteal muscles, and I worked the head and neck.

When we finished, the client said he felt much better and his pain level had dropped significantly. That is its own reward.

I look forward to our next 4-handed massage.

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